EAST STREET ARTS is an art studio and caning studio with a retail shop dedicated to fostering the creation of art for people of all abilities.  A social enterprise of Marrakech, Inc. dedicated to fostering the creation of art through artisan training programs, workshops and community interaction.  http://www.eaststreetartsnh.org ,  @EastStreetArtsNH , http://www.marrakechinc.org

Uarts CHAPEL HAVEN began in October 2014. It is an artisan training program, providing vocational skills for adults with developmental and social disabilities.  http://www.uartsch.org 

ENVISIONFEST HARTFORD is a free day-long festival of art, theater, music, walking, biking, tours, innovation and more.  Envisionfest is produced by The IQuilt Plan and the City of Hartford.  http://envisionfesthartford.com

ON 9 events are sponsored by the Town Green Special Services District which strives to make Downtown New Haven 

an internationally competitive urban environment in which to live, work, learn and play.   http://downtownnewhaven.com